Canoe & Paddle
May 2019

How we helped Canoe & Paddle to increase website conversion rate by 50%

Canoeing is an excellent way to not only get exercise, but also to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Canoe & Paddle are a small chain of canoe rental across Canada and have been a lot more traditional with their Marketing approach since they couldn't yet find the right digital partners to team up with. After being referred to us, we had an introductory consultation and figured it was time for them to raise brand awareness and establish their online presence.


Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Photography/Video Production, SEO


Instagram, Youtube, Google

Result 1

Increase in Rentals

Result 2

Views on Youtube

Project Overview

During the initial consulting session, we layed out all the pain points to figure out what could be the ideal content strategy in order to attract more customers and increase their rental rates.

So we did the following:

  • Researched on Canoe & Kayak Rental Service business to know about the industry, market and the competition
  • Auditing their website and marketing channels to analyse current metrics and understand where to focus at each stage of our proposed strategy
  • Reviewed their automation strategy, email marketing, conversion funnel, reviews and anything that could impact the customer acquisition cycle


Canoe & Paddle had a clear goal: encouraging people to enjoy more of the outdoors with a dedicated Canoe and kayak rental concierge at various location across Canada. When it comes to water activity rentals, finding a way to make your brand stand out in the sea of competition makes all the difference between a dock of idle inventory, versus a calendar filled with reservations. By implementing an impactful and targeted marketing campaign, infused with Influencer Marketing, they were more likely to stand out to a wide and varied audience, from business travelers, to out-of-town vacationers, to locals looking for something new and fun to do.

  • Mapped out conversion funnel that attract more niche customers
  • Running seasonal contest to raise brand awareness
  • Implemented an Influencer Marketing feature to their marketing strategy in order to encourage more nature ambassador to share their experience with the business with their own network
  • Developped a new website design that includes many profitable features such as a customized booking system to streamline his business operations and help him increase his number of reviews.


Within 3 month of deep strategy execution and monitoring, C & P could already measure the benefits of partnering with HotContent—their bookings have doubled within the first 3 months by introducing their new online booking feature alone. Secondly, by adding a smart and intuitive review system on their website, customer referral increased by 30% thus generated more bookings. By combining a sustainable social media strategy with the the right online reservation system that empowers activity operators to increase their revenue, save tons of time, and provide the best service for the customers, we were able to help Canoe & Paddle meet their goals and it's always fun being part of every stage of their growth.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Why our clients love working with us

“Working with HotContent was easy. We spoke the same language and I know from direct experience the level of effort and complexity required to develop and execute a clever Marketing strategy. I can trust their team to offer efficient advice and to connect with us regularly on optimizing the plan and making calculated decisions in a smooth-operating partnership."

Aliyah Braxton
VP of Marketing at BullTrend

“From the initial read of HotContent's strategy document, I was simply gob-smacked because they had encapsulated everything I wanted to achieve, but did not know how to implement. Their templating and style guiding of marketing collateral has been first class and I love the way they communicate to our target demographic in exactly the right language.”

Jason Larson
Marketing Lead at Canoe & Paddles

“The results of engaging HotContent have spoken for themselves. Current sales are 200% above last year’s results. We are certain that we’ve only scratched the surface as we implement HotContent’s sophisticated social media marketing strategies tightly linked to individual customer’s CRM profiles, email automations and our social media footprint.”

Sophie Moore
Head of Marketing at Beach Wear

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