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August 2020

How we helped Beach Wear for Surfers reach to increase conversion rate by 35% in 3 months

How do you communicate the advantages of Sport Beach Wear to an amateur and professional niche target group?


Growth Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management


Google, Instagram, Twitter

Result 1

Increase in Conversion Rate

Result 2

More Revenue Per Year

Project Overview

Beach Wear is a Sport Clothing label producing top of the line premium surfers swimwear. Their aspirational branding celebrates the daring lifestyle of making Art with the waves while at the same time enjoying everything about human connection. Before contacting us, they had built a good audience on their social media already, with plenty of excellent, original content. But there was a need to help convert more of these 100k fans into paying customers, so we mapped out what was the issue and discovered the following:

  • While they were beginning to collect email addresses and use MailChimp to send campaigns to their email list, they were yet to put any automation in place. They were becoming reliant on store-wide sales to create hype and, as a result, were at risk of cheapening the perception of their premium brand.
  • We set out to build some more effective capture points on their website, and create more targeted touch points and opportunities for potential customers to convert.


Beach Wear branding is extremely visual and targets a specific lifrstyle. But unlike most fashion labels, they don't only rely heavily on beautiful photography to market their products, it's also vital they establish the connection between the Art of surfing, the travel lifestyle and how it created communities of surfers around the world. As the founders wanted to celebrate that human connection through the brand, it was essential their social media strategy matches their vision. From analysing social media engagement, we also knew that Beach Wear's audience responded incredibly well to highly personalised content.

For these reasons, we recommended them to merge their existing email marketing platform to another client we suggested. This would allow them to:

  • Make the most of high sophisticated campaign editing tools;
  • Better meet the needs of each individual through advanced personalisation; and,
  • Create extensive marketing automations based on a wide variety of triggers.


In the three months since implementation, advanced analytics shown an increase of website traffic by 50% with a jump of Beach Wear’s subscriber base by more than 60%. Email now makes up almost 30% of their website traffic, and has a conversion rate of 30%.

The drastic increase in personalised touch points throughout the customer journey has also impacted their customer loyalty. In just three months, the number of repeat customers has increased 30%.

In the first month after implementation, the first campaign we managed had an incredibly strong open rate; over 45%. This resulted in a 7% click-through rate and a huge level of engagement and sales with their new email subscribers.

The Abandoned Cart Series had an even stronger performance – recovering almost 10% of total carts and generating thousands in added revenue.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Why our clients love working with us

“Working with HotContent was easy. We spoke the same language and I know from direct experience the level of effort and complexity required to develop and execute a clever Marketing strategy. I can trust their team to offer efficient advice and to connect with us regularly on optimizing the plan and making calculated decisions in a smooth-operating partnership."

Aliyah Braxton
VP of Marketing at BullTrend

“From the initial read of HotContent's strategy document, I was simply gob-smacked because they had encapsulated everything I wanted to achieve, but did not know how to implement. Their templating and style guiding of marketing collateral has been first class and I love the way they communicate to our target demographic in exactly the right language.”

Jason Larson
Marketing Lead at Canoe & Paddles

“The results of engaging HotContent have spoken for themselves. Current sales are 200% above last year’s results. We are certain that we’ve only scratched the surface as we implement HotContent’s sophisticated social media marketing strategies tightly linked to individual customer’s CRM profiles, email automations and our social media footprint.”

Sophie Moore
Head of Marketing at Beach Wear

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